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Oncology and Immuno-oncology

Advanced biological models to help you transform the cancer treatment landscape


Cancer is a leading cause of mortality worldwide, contributing to millions of deaths every year. While advancements in screening, prevention, and treatment have improved survival rates, the inherent complexity of cancer challenges our ability to find a cure. That is because cancer is not just one disease—it is a group of over 100 distinct diseases that can differ significantly at the molecular and metabolic levels. 

To fight cancer, scientists need access to a wide variety of model systems to elucidate the mechanisms behind the growth and metastasis of each tumor type. ATCC supports this critical need by providing a comprehensive portfolio of authenticated cell lines, advanced biological models, cancer panels, and patient-derived models that can be used in biomarker discovery, tumor biology studies, drug screening, immuno-oncology, and more. Explore our resources below to see how we can support your oncology and immuno-oncology studies.


Patient-derived models   Immuno-oncology   Drug screening   Tumor biology   Biomarker discovery

Patient-derived Models

Through our collaboration with the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI), ATCC provides a wide variety of next-generation 2-D and 3-D patient-derived in vitro cancer models from numerous tissues. These patient-derived cancer models are indispensable tools for studying cancer, identifying and targeting novel therapies, and facilitating translational research. 


Cancer immunotherapy has emerged as an exciting new approach for cancer treatment, and immuno-oncology is one of the fastest growing fields in oncology. The development of immunomodulatory drugs and biologics dictates a clear need for human cell-based models to evaluate immune activation. To answer this need, ATCC provides a large collection of fully characterized and authenticated cell lines, human primary cells, and advanced cell models.

Drug Screening

The development of novel drugs is a long and arduous process that requires substantial testing. The extensive costs in time, money, and effort needed to bring new anticancer therapies to market underscore the importance of optimizing the drug screening phase. ATCC supports this need by providing a variety of authenticated, physiologically relevant cell lines.

Tumor Biology

Understanding the underlying mechanisms that contribute to tumor growth and metastasis is essential for improving cancer diagnosis and treatment. To support this area of oncology, ATCC provides a variety of authenticated cell lines that can be used to study cancer initiation, progression, and maintenance.

Biomarker Discovery

Cancer biomarkers are DNA, RNA, proteins, or other substances that can provide information about a specific type of cancer. These biological molecules have many potential applications in oncology such as identifying risk of disease, diagnosing cancer, evaluating disease progression, and predicting and monitoring treatment efficacy. To support the discovery and validation of new biomarkers, ATCC offers a variety of authenticated normal and cancer cell lines derived from a variety of tissues.
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