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Female scientist wearing lab coat and gloves looking into a microscope.

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We give scientists the tools they need to make discoveries that improve and save lives. When you work at ATCC, you become a part of that mission, one we’ve committed to for almost 100 years.  

Culture and Diversity

Because we support the precise, reproducible work of scientists, our culture is collaborative, focused, and innovative. Together, we share a commitment to providing top-tier products, services, standards, and customer care. At the same time, we build partnerships and tools to propel life science research into the future. Our success is a result of our commitment to hiring and developing a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community and clients. Diversity and inclusion fuels innovation and creativity, blending unique and varied perspectives.

Every employee is valued here because every single person makes a difference. To support you, we offer benefits that empower you to be, feel, and do your best every day. That’s how we approach the world’s most pressing health challenges now and for years to come.

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We hire employees from a variety of fields and are excited that you're considering joining us at ATCC.

We hire employees from a variety of fields and are excited that you're considering joining us at ATCC.

Profile of female scientist looking into microscope.
Young, black woman wearing a head set smiling with other people wearing head sets in the background.
Orange DNA double helix strands floating with white lines of numbers zero and 1 in the background.
A human hand touching a robot hand with white light and sparks between them.

Black man sitting at a desk facing three computer screens, typing on a keyboard.
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Man in a suit pointing to an blue octagon labeled ISO 9001 next to octagons with words like Customer, Certification and Standard.


We’re proud to support the future of life science research through our summer associate biologist internship program. Our 10-week internships allow young scientists to gain valuable, real-world exposure to research and development initiatives, product development, assay optimization, and bioproduction processes. Interns also shadow professionals and learn experimental procedures that expand their awareness from the theoretical to the practical.

UPDATE: Internships are temporarily on hold due to COVID-19. These precautionary steps are in place to ensure the safety of students and our employees. We look forward to your future participation when the program hopefully reopens in 2022.


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ATCC develops high-quality biological products, standards, and services to support scientific research and breakthroughs that improve the health of global populations.

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ATCC offers comprehensive, top-of-industry benefits that go above and beyond to help you stay healthy, feel secure, and maintain a successful work-life balance.

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We hire scientists and professionals from many fields, such as customer service, sales and marketing, bioinformatics, and supply chain and operations.

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