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What We Do

Several stacks of petri dishes containing various colored media, in rack.

We provide scientists with the biomaterials, services, and standards that move their research forward

High-quality biomaterials and services promote scientific breakthroughs

We offer the scientific community credible biological products, advanced model systems, and high-quality services that support complex research in a variety of innovative applications resulting in incredible achievements in basic science, drug discovery, translational medicine, and public health.

To support life science research into the future, we’re expanding into markets with growing needs, launching comprehensive products and services for biological materials, continuing to partner in the fight against global disease, and enabling the creation of new technologies.

What we offer

Yellow spheres of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus.

Green, blue and red organoid cells.

How we participate in life science research

We actively partner with scientists in research studies targeting some of the world’s greatest global threats. One of note has been a National Institutes of Health study focused on containing the Zika virus crisis. Watch our video to learn more about the study, itself, and our role in collecting, authenticating, and distributing the viral strains used in the study.


Watch how we supported the Zika outbreak response

Learn more about ATCC

Exterior of new ATCC building.

About Us

ATCC is a global biological resource center that has supported life science research for nearly a century.

Scientists in lab coats seen over top of stacks of agar plates and small vials.

Who We Are

The professionals who work at ATCC are believers in the transformational power of life science research.

ATCC scientist with gloved hand in cooler on cart talking with Dr. Cypess, camera crew around them during filming in biorepository.


The ATCC Newsroom page includes the company's latest news releases and an archive of releases through 2015.