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Breast cancer cells.

ATCC credible cells lead to incredible research results

Incredible discoveries and reproducible research results are only possible when you use credible cells for your experiments.

To ensure your research is high quality, use authenticated ATCC cells. ATCC has the world’s largest and most extensive product catalog of human and animal cell lines for research purposes. The cell biology collection includes more than 4,000 continuous cell lines available by species, tissue/disease types, and signaling pathways. The tumor cell and molecular panels for cancer research are annotated with gene mutations and molecular profiles. 

We offer ethnic- and gender-diverse induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) derived from normal/disease tissues, as well as adult human mesenchymal stem cells and mouse embryonic stem cells. Our normal human primary cells retain in vivo physiologies and custom lots are available from a diverse donor pool. ATCC hTERT-immortalized primary cells also display normal in vivo biologies but have the added advantages of high proliferative capability, and the ability to be used at high passage.

ATCC cell biology development efforts focus on delivering more relevant in vitro models and research tools, such as authenticated and characterized primary cells as well as immortalized, stem, and continuous cell lines; disease and cellular pathway-specific cell line panels with genomic metadata; and assay ready genomic DNA. ATCC also uses genome-editing tool CRISPR/Cas9 to create isogenic cells lines with mutants of key oncogenes, which can be used for drug discovery and development and CRISPR created reporter cells.

ATCC is collaborating with the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) to offer researchers next-generation 2-D and 3-D patient-derived in vitro cancer models, including organoids. These HCMI models are valuable to study cancer, to identify and target novel therapies, and to facilitate translational cancer research.

Neural progenitor cell derived neurosphere

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ATCC assay kits are accurate and straightforward tools for the quantification of changes in cell proliferation.

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 ATCC offers  a line of serum-free cryopreservation media that are ready-to-use.

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