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Reference-quality 'Omics Data


Authenticated whole-genome and whole-transcriptome data

The public availability of genomic and transcriptomic data has become an important part of modern life sciences research; however, poor curation of these data is a growing area of concern that has potentially significant real-world impacts on public health epidemiology, drug discovery, and environmental biosurveillance research. Because of these concerns as well as the need for researchers to have access to quality genomic and transcriptomic data, ATCC is producing authenticated whole-genome and whole-transcriptome data for our microorganisms and human and mouse cell lines.

What you can expect with authenticated 'omics data from ATCC:

  • Traceability – Our data are traceable to a specific physical sample or material, ensuring transparency, accountability, and end-to-end data provenance.
  • High quality – Our data are generated following ISO 9001–compliant processes and adhere to defined quality assurance metrics to ensure reliability and accuracy.
  • F.A.I.R. – Our data adhere to F.A.I.R. data principles in that we deliver Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable data that can significantly improve the quality of your research.
  • Reproducibility – The data can be reproduced consistently across multiple experiments or analyses, validating its robustness.

When using ATCC’s 'omics data, you can have the confidence that the data is credible, reproducible, and traceable back to the physical vial in our collection.

Access our meticulously curated 'omics data

Clear blue DNA helix strand.

Discover the ATCC Genome Portal

The ATCC Genome Portal is a rapidly growing ISO 9001–compliant database of high-quality reference genomes from authenticated microbial strains in the ATCC collection. Through this cloud-based platform, you can easily access and download meticulously curated whole-genome sequences from your browser or our secure API.

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Purple DNA

Discover ATCC's Transcriptomics Data

ATCC has developed a standardized workflow for producing transcriptomics data from the authenticated cell lines within our collection. Our high-quality cell line 'omics data enable you to skip the time- and resource-intensive cell line characterization step while empowering the identification of data most relevant to your research. 

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