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Who We Are

Scientists in lab coats seen over top of stacks of agar plates and small vials.

We are believers in the transformational power of life science research

We are for science

We are scientists and professionals in a variety of fields driven by our common goal of advancing scientific discovery. On the forefront of life sciences research since ATCC's founding nearly 100 years ago, we're the champions of reproducibility and standards and the leading developer and supplier of authenticated cells lines and microorganisms. We're leveraging our rich history and knowledge to evolve further, creating new products, services, and partnerships to help scientists make breakthroughs that improve global health and quality of life. 

Who we serve

ATCC customers include leading researchers and scientists in academia, government, and private industry. Over 80% of ATCC’s customer base represents academia and industry—about 40% each from academia and private industry. Government customers comprise 6% of the organization’s total. Further, 75% of ATCC customers are from the US, while the remaining 25% are international.

ATCC has a direct sales force in the US and maintains a global network of authorized distributors and partners to reach the scientific community in more than 150 countries. Among the industries represented in ATCC’s customer base are the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural, and diagnostics industries; food, beverage, and cosmetics producers; reference and testing laboratories; academic institutions; government agencies; private foundations; and nonprofit organizations.

We offer life science researchers credible biomaterials and standards

Credible research results depend on high-quality biomaterials.  We provide scientists with authenticated products that ensure valid findings and peace of mind. 

Learn how our products touch people and how we will support life science research in the future

Panoramic of ATCC building entrance in the daylight.

Our leaders

Meet our leaders
ATCC historic 1954 era, Washington, DC, brick building facade with ATCC 2112.

Our history

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ATCC partnerships

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Several stacks of petri dishes containing various colored media, in rack.

What we do

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