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Organoid Growth Kits

Blue and purple ICC organoid cells.

Organoid Growth Kits

Organoids are valuable tools to study cancer, identify and target novel therapies, and facilitate translational cancer research. These 3-D models are becoming more relevant because they are predictive of the in vivo tumor microenvironment. In efforts to simplify Organoid culture, ATCC has developed Organoid Growth Kits which comprise single-use supplements created to streamline media preparation. These kits contain the most costly and cumbersome supplements and reagents, reducing the time and effort required to prepare media and ensuring the successful growth of your organoids.

Watch our tutorial on creating complete media using ATCC Organoid Growth Kits

 Fig 1 Organoid growth medium made easy.Figure 1. Organoid medium made easy. To use an organoid growth kit, simply add the appropriate volume of basal medium to the vials included in the kit, and vortex to mix well. Pipette the reconstituted kit components into the basal medium and add the appropriate volume of conditioned medium. Pass this mixture through a bottle-top filter unit, and you’re ready to feed your organoids!

** Organoid technology is subject to various patent rights; please consult your patent counsel regarding the need for licenses, including without limitation for uses beyond the scope permitted by the HUB Addendum to the ATCC MTA.

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