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Blue and green beta tubulin antibody cells.

Hybridomas target viral, bacterial, or cellular epitomes

Scientists need a consistent source of antibodies for specific research applications, including industrial biotechnology, cancer and infectious disease research, and neuroscience. ATCC has a wide selection of over 1,000 hybridomas; these immortalized cells secrete antibodies targeting specific viral, bacterial, or cellular epitopes. 

ATCC hybridomas are:

  • Authenticated
  • Convenient
  • Reliable
  • Traceable to the original depositor
Cluster of thin, pink, rod-shaped Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Hybridoma Antibody Transcripts Targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Few validated TB antibody sequences are available. The sequence of functional variable immunoglobulins (IgVs) expressed in 14 hybridomas encoding antibodies to Mtb targets with potential therapeutic and/ or diagnostic value are discussed here.

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