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Bacteriology Culture Guide (1.79MB/.pdf)

Introduction to Microbiology

Mycology Culture Guide (1.15MB/.pdf)

Protistology Culture Guide (1.14MB/.pdf)  

Virology Culture Guide (1.14MB/.pdf)

Cryopreservation Technical Manual (404KB/.pdf)

Application Notes

Application Note No. 3: CaDR panel — Use of the Candida albicans Drug Resistance (CaDR) Panel (AT CC® MP-8™) in antifungal drug testing (496KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 10: Vibrio campbellii Quorum Sensing (254KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 11: Quantitative Mycoplasma DNA Controls — Evaluating the Sensitivity of Molecular-Based Detection Systems (254KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 12: Aspergillus fumigatus Drug Testing Panel (268KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 13: Novel fluorescent reporters for studying host-pathogen interactions (908KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 15: Development and Use of Synthetic Molecular Standards for Dengue Virus Serotypes 1-4 (364KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 20: Development of ATCC Molecular Standards for Human Herpesvirus 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) (656KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 22: ATCC® Minis Support VITEK® 2 Quality Control Testing (273KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 29: Development of Synthetic Molecular Standards for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus (694KB/.pdf)

Application Note No. 30: Development and Evaluation of Whole Cell- and Genomic DNA-Based Microbiome Reference Standards (1.07MB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletins and Culture Tips

How to Revive Cultures

Microbial Media Formulations

Technical Bulletin No. 1: Reference Strain Definitions (24.3KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 2: Preservation and Recovery of Filamentous Fungi ((44KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 5: Authentication of Prokaryotes at ATCC (904KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 6: Reference Strains: How Many Passages are Too Many? (66KB/.pdf)

Technical Bulletin No. 10: Lymphocyte Transformation Using ATCC® VR-1492™ (241KB/.pdf)

Environmental Microbial Strains

Agricultural Animal Disease Strains (820KB/.pdf)

Custom Solutions

ATCC can provide custom solutions for industry, government, and academic projects. ATCC offers a range of microbiology research and production capabilities. Contact technical support regarding custom project needs.

References and Additional Publications

Cryopreservation Technical Manual (404KB/.pdf)


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