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A human, female figure standing with arms outstretched made up of illuminated connecting dots with a blue background.
Infographics provide an easy-to-understand visual that makes scientific findings and concepts accessible to a wide audience. So, whether you are new to science or simply want to share a quick graphic on an important topic with your colleagues—explore our growing collection of infographics for solutions on mycoplasma detection, information on microbiome research, factors affecting reproducibility, and more!
Infographic titled Credible Solutions for Mycoplasma Detection, with statistics and sources. Infographic

Credible Solutions for Mycoplasma Detection

Quick reference guide depicting common sources of contamination as well as prevention tips and techniques for protecting your cell cultures.

Infographics titled ATCC Human Primary Cells with text and a male-female hybrid, nude, gray mannequin in the center. Infographic

Human Primary Cells

Quick guide depicting ATCC's collection of human primary cells organized by source.

Blue infographic on the top 5 reasons to use microbiome standards. Infographic

Raising the Standards for Microbiome Research

NGS standards with known compositions are essential for ensuring assay optimization and data reproducibility throughout each stage of the workflow—from sample collection to data analysis

Infographic with female scientist in protective glasses next to statistics and text that says Reproducibility Is Broken. Infographic

Reproducibility is Broken and Scientists are Paying the Price

Explore what your colleagues believe is the source of the problem and what scientists can do to solve it.

Infographic titled ATCC Synthetic Biology Solutions with information and graphics. Infographic

Synthetic Biology Solutions: Biological systems design and development

Create complex genetic circuits in yeast in 4-7 days! With our two-stage assembly system, researchers can build multiple transcriptional units in parallel, enabling individual elements to be swapped out quickly and easily.


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