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Gloved hand holding a petri dish containing green particles in the shape of the world's continents.

Behind the Biology

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The ATCC podcast series, Behind the Biology, is your source for discussions between ATCC experts, collaboration partners, and industry leaders. With each guest, we'll explore their connections to life science research, touch on the pivotal moments in their careers, and discuss the future for their respective fields. Twenty minutes at a time, we tell great stories with great scientists.

Large green sphere releasing several small green exosome spheres. Illustration.

Episode 4: Approaching the Frontier of Regenerative Medicine

Tune in to learn about extracellular vesicles and how they can play opposing roles in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases and the regeneration of damaged tissues.

Cluster of small, pink, and brown, rod-shaped Escherichia coli bacteria.

Episode 3: The Future of Bioinformatics - Challenges and Solutions

Tune in to learn about challenges in the field of bioinformatics that need to be met and how could they be solved.

Microbiome image CGI

Episode 2: Pivoting into Bioinformatics and Capitalizing on Eureka Moments

Learn about the reality of a career in science and some of the eureka moments in bioinformatics that helped shape Dr. Jacob’s career.

Blue DNA double helix strands surrounded by rod-shaped bacteria.

Episode 1: The Difficulties of Big Data in the Biological Sciences

Learn about issues such as reproducibility in research, the pros and cons of crowd sourcing data, and a solution in ATCC’s approach to whole-genome sequencing, assembly, and annotation for producing high-quality, authenticated reference genomes