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Episode 9: Is All Science Bioinformatics?

Featuring John Bagnoli, Senior Manager, Bioinformatics


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John Bagnoli, headshot

John Bagnoli, BS

Senior Manager, Bioinformatics, ATCC

John Bagnoli is a Senior Manager for Bioinformatics in the Sequencing and Bioinformatics Center (SBC) at ATCC. Prior to joining ATCC, he held positions at QIAGEN and MRIGlobal where he gained extensive experience in robotics, laboratory automation, oligonucleotide manufacturing, and bioinformatics. Mr. Bagnoli has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Pharmacology from the University at Buffalo.

Show Notes:

In the final episode of season one of ATCC’s podcast, John Bagnoli peers into the future of bioinformatics and describes the challenges that are likely to appear along the way. He’ll explore important questions such as: Will bench scientists become the bioinformaticians as the bioinformaticians transition into software development? Will machine learning and robotics replace humans in the laboratory all together? Listen in, to hear John’s surprising answers.


David Yarmosh, headshot.

David Yarmosh, MS

Senior Bioinformatician, ATCC

David Yarmosh is a senior bioinformatician in ATCC’s Sequencing and Bioinformatics Center. He’s a graduate of New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering. He has been working in large data aggregation and analysis since 2013 and microbial genomics with a focus on biosurveillance R&D efforts since 2016. David has led international training exercises in Peru and Senegal, sharing metagenomic analytical capabilities. His interests include genomics database construction, metadata collection, drug resistance mechanisms, bioinformatics standards, and machine learning. Since joining ATCC in 2020, he has helped develop the podcast Behind the Biology, which he now hosts.

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