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ATCC and Synthego Alliance

Combining the power of gold-standard biomaterials with state-of-the-art gene editing

ATCC and Synthego have entered a strategic alliance to create customized cell models by combining high-quality CRISPR gene-editing services from Synthego with gold-standard, authenticated cell lines from ATCC.

Synthego’s CRISPR platforms leverage an integrated approach to genome editing that combines machine learning, automation, and extensive expertise to deliver high-quality, consistent results at an unprecedented scale. The combination of ATCC's broad selection of high-quality cells and Synthego's Engineered Cells allows researchers to confidently generate assay results and increase their speed to critical data with genome-edited cells in as little as 3 weeks.

Yellow and light blue DNA double helix.

What is CRISPR gene editing?

CRISPR is a powerful gene-editing technology that enables scientists to make complex gene edits such as engineered point mutations and gene fusions with more precision, efficiency, and flexibility than ever before. This technology uses a nuclease protein that carries with it an interchangeable short RNA molecule known as guide RNA. The guide RNA directs the nuclease protein to the gene of interest then the nuclease protein cuts the DNA. The cell then tries to repair that damage; during that repair process, the gene sequence at that location can be changed.

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Take your research to the next level

Below is a selection of cell lines that are currently available for CRISPR gene editing through our partnership with Synthego. To customize these cell lines for your research, visit the Synthego website using the link below and let us know how we can take your research to the next level.

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ATCC cell lines currently available for CRISPR editing through Synthego
ATCC Number Product Name Organism Tissue Disease Cell Type
HTB-96 U-2 OS Human Bone Osteosarcoma
CCL-243 K-562  Human  Bone; marrow Chronic myelogenous leukemia   
CRL-2003  TF-1 Human  Bone; marrow  Erythroleukemia  Erythroblast 
CRL-9068  NCI-H929 Human Bone; marrow Plasmacytoma B lymphocyte
CRL-3304  HMC3  Human  Brain    Microglial cell 
HTB-14 U-87 MG Human Brain Likely glioblastoma
CRL-10317 MCF 10A Human Breast; mammary gland Fibrocystic disease Epithelial cell
HTB-133 T-47D Human Breast; mammary gland Carcinoma; ductal Epithelial cell
HTB-22 MCF7 Human Breast; mammary gland Adenocarcinoma Epithelial cell
CCL-121 HT-1080 Human Connective tissue Fibrosarcoma
CRL-2190 HK-2 Human Kidney; cortex; proximal tubule Papilloma
CRL-1573  293 [HEK-293]  Human  Kidney; embryo     
CRL-3216  293T  Human  Kidney; embryo     
CCL-247  HCT 116  Human  Large intestine; colon  Carcinoma; colorectal   
CCL-248  T84  Human  Large intestine; colon  Carcinoma; colorectal   
HB-8064  Hep3B2.1-7  Human  Liver  Carcinoma; hepatocellular   
HB-8065  Hep G2  Human  Liver  Carcinoma; hepatocellular   
CCL-185  A549  Human  Lung  Carcinoma  Epithelial cell 
CRM-HTB-174  NCI-H440  Human  Lung  Papillary adenocarcinoma  Epithelial cell 
CRL-5807  NCI-H358  Human  Lung; bronchiole  Bronchioalveolar carcinoma, Non small cell lung cancer   
HTB-161  NIH:OVCAR-3 [OVCAR3]  Human  Ovary  Adenocarcinoma  Epithelial cell 
CRL-1420  MIA PaCa-2 Human  Pancreas Carcinoma Epithelial cell 
CRL-1682  AsPC-1  Human  Pancreas  Adenocarcinoma   
CRL-1687  BxPC-3  Human  Pancreas  Adenocarcinoma   
CRL-1469  PANC-1  Human  Pancreas; duct  Epithelioid carcinoma   
CCL-155  RPMI 8226  Human  Peripheral blood  Plasmacytoma  B lymphocyte 
CCL-240  HL-60  Human  Peripheral blood  Acute promyelocytic leukemia  Promyeloblast 
TIB-152  Jurkat, Clone E6-1  Human  Peripheral blood  Acute T cell leukemia  T lymphoblast 
TIB-202  THP-1  Human  Peripheral blood  Acute monocytic leukemia  Monocyte 
CRL-1593.2  U-937  Human  Pleural effusion  Histiocytic lymphoma   
CRL-1435  PC-3  Human  Prostate  Adenocarcinoma; grade IV   
CRL-2505  22Rv1  Human  Prostate  Carcinoma  Epithelial cell 
HTB-81  DU 145  Human  Prostate  Carcinoma   
CRL-1619  A375  Human  Skin  Malignant melanoma   
CCL-2  HeLa  Human  Uterus; cervix  Adenocarcinoma Epithelial cell
CCL-86 Raji Human    Burkitts lymphoma B lymphocyte
TIB-71  RAW 264.7 Mouse  Ascites Abelson murine leukemia virus-induced tumor Macrophage
CCL-131 Neuro-2a Mouse  Brain Neuroblastoma Neuroblast
CRL-2755  EMT6 Mouse  Breast Carcinoma; mammary Epithelial cell
CRL-2539 4T1 Mouse  Breast; mammary gland Mimics human breast cancer; stage IV  
CL-173  3T3-L1 Mouse  Embryo   Fibroblast
CRL-1658 NIH/3T3 Mouse  Embryo   Fibroblast
CRL-2638  CT26.WT Mouse  Large intestine; colon Carcinoma Fibroblast
CRL-1642 LL/2 (LLC1) Mouse  Lung Lewis lung carcinoma  
CRL-1772  C2C12 Mouse  Muscle   Myoblast
CRL-6475 B16-F10 Mouse  Skin Melanoma  
CRL-1446 H9c2(2-1) Rat Heart; myocardium   Myoblast

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