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Assay Development

Assays that provide robust and reliable data are critical for all areas of biological research. Explore our resources to learn more about how to select the standards and cell models you need for evaluating inclusivity and exclusivity, the limit of detection, drift, and run-to-run variability.

Drug Discovery

Cell models and microbial reference materials are essential tools in the drug discovery and development process. Browse our educational content to learn how to choose the best standards for target selection, efficacy testing, and toxicity screening.

Screening Standards

When developing a product, ensuring quality, efficacy, and safety through routine screening is of the utmost importance. Explore our featured content to learn how to maintain your outstanding quality control programs with authenticated in vitro models and control strains.

Scientific Expertise


ATCC is committed to improving the authentication of cell lines and microbial cultures. Browse our resources to explore the current best practices for validating, storing, and handling biological materials and how these techniques support data integrity and reproducibility.

Research & Development

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are key components in accelerating scientific discoveries and advancing global health. Explore our expanding collection of webinars and posters to learn more about the innovative research and development being performed by thought leaders in science.