Modeling, Screening, Characterizing

Get started on the path to success in the preclinical arena with our complete solution of continuous cell lines, growth reagents, and cell viability assays.

Preclinical Toxicology PK Metabolism

Need a functional model to explore the ADME of a new chemical entity? Discover how neurological and renal cell models can support your metabolic stability, metabolite identification, and drug-drug interaction assays.

Pharmacology, Exploratory, Toxicology

Do you need a model that reflects true physiology? Get started with differentiated iPSCs and primary and hTERT-immortalized primary cells.

Cell Lines for Toxicology

Authenticated ATCC cells ensure your toxicology results are accurate. Explore our complete set of solutions today!

Models for the preliminary stages of toxicity testing

Modeling, screening, and characterizing candidate therapeutics happens at a rapid pace. Drug development scientists need to be able to screen an astronomical number of these biological and chemical entities to eliminate all but a few strong candidates for further interrogation. ATCC can get you started on the path to success in the preclinical arena with our complete solution of continuous cell lines, growth reagents, and cell viability assays.

  • Continuous Cell Lines – Eliminate large numbers of chemical entities by using high- throughput screening. ATCC offers authenticated cell lines from all physiological systems of the body.
  • Cell Growth Reagents – We offer uniquely formulated media, sera, and reagents to virtually guarantee successful cell culture.
  • Cell Viability Assays – Track the effects of a prospective compound by using an ATCC Cell Proliferation Assay kit. These assays are convenient, easy-to-use, and measure viability and growth.

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Cell Culture Reagents

ATCC high-performance media, sera, and reagents are formulated according to the cell growth conditions recommended by our experts. These are the same reagents used to culture ATCC cell lines, virtually guaranteeing a successful cell culture.

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Cell Viability Assays

Measure cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, and apoptosis in a fast, simple, high-throughput assay format. Evaluate a cell population's response to external factors that may result in an increase in cell growth, no effect, or a decrease in growth due to necrosis or apoptosis.

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Let ATCC customize it for you! ATCC has the knowledge, experience, and meticulous methodologies to support your custom needs. Leverage our extensive experience as a partner in life science discovery. Whether you are looking for the large-scale manufacture of cell lines (master and working cell banks) or a different specification/format than offered in our catalog, ATCC can provide you with customized options to reach your research goals.

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Watch our webinar to learn how hTERT-immortalized cells can improve your toxicity assays