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Aeromonas hydrophila (Chester) Stanier (ATCC® 7966)

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Strain Designations: [CDC 359-60, IAM 12460, NCIB 9240, NCMB 86, NCTC 8049, RH 250]  /  Type Strain: yes  /  Biosafety Level: 2

Permits and Restrictions

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Deposited As Proteus ichthyosmius (Hammer) Bergey et al.
Verified By Whole-genome Sequencing
Strain Designations [CDC 359-60, IAM 12460, NCIB 9240, NCMB 86, NCTC 8049, RH 250]
Quality control strain
Reference material
Water testing
From tin of milk with a fishy odor
Biosafety Level 2

Biosafety classification is based on U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country.

Product Format freeze-dried
Storage Conditions Frozen: -80°C or colder
Freeze-Dried: 2°C to 8°C
Live Culture: See Propagation Section
Preceptrol® no
Genome Sequenced Strain

Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966, complete genome.

Type Strain yes
Genome sequenced strain
Medium ATCC® Medium 3: Nutrient agar or nutrient broth
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 30°C
Atmosphere: Aerobic
Name of Depositor ML Speck
From tin of milk with a fishy odor

Schubert RH. The taxonomy and nomenclature of the genus Aeromonas Kluyver and van Niel 1936. Part I. Suggestions on the taxonomy and nomenclature of the aerogenic Acromoonas species. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 17: 23-37, 1967.

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BD Oxi/Ferm II QC Set. BD Becton Dickinson; Oxi/Ferm

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Cross References

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60417 Aeromonas sp. 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X77263 A.hydrophila lexA gene.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60410 Aeromonas media 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60415 Aeromonas trota 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60408 Aeromonas caviae 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60409 Aeromonas caviae 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60412 Aeromonas sobria 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60413 Aeromonas jandaei 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60414 Aeromonas veronii 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60416 Aeromonas schubertii 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60411 Aeromonas eucrenophila 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60418 Plesiomonas shigelloides 16S rDNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X60404 Aeromonas hydrophila 16S rRNA gene.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X67946 A.hydrophila rrn gene for 23S rRNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : AX111501 Sequence 2234 from Patent WO0123604.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : AX111537 Sequence 2270 from Patent WO0123604.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : M59148 Aeromonas hydrophila 16S ribosomal RNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X74677 A.hydrophila (ATCC 7966T) gene for 16S ribosomal RNA.

Nucleotide (GenBank) : X89456 A.hydrophila DNA for exeF-exeG intergenic region (strain ATCC 7966).

Nucleotide (GenBank) : CP000462 Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila ATCC 7966, complete genome.

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