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Bacteriology and Archaea

Brown and white, rod-shaped Escherichia coli bacteria cluster.

Take your research to new heights with bacteria and archaea from ATCC

Bacteria and archaea have existed on Earth for billions of years—from surviving in Earth’s primeval, toxic environment to the oxygen-rich world we live in today. These microorganisms hold the mystery of the beginning of life on Earth and are valuable tools for scientific research and discovery. Without them, life as we know it would not exist.

These incredible organisms hold a unique fascination for many scientists. Bacteria, for example, not only play a critical role in human health and disease, they are essential for biogeochemical cycling, plant health, and decomposition. Understanding these organisms has led to numerous advancements in medicine, microbiome research, and agriculture.

Similarly, archaea have been a source of wonder for researchers who have been using these ancient organisms to explore the origins of life on Earth and other planets. Because of their ability to survive in extreme environments, archaea have also been an essential tool for biofuel production, bioremediation, and the development of innovative industrial biotechnologies.

It is because of the high reverence we have for microbial life at ATCC that we have been a leading innovator in microbial scientific discovery and a trusted resource of microbiological materials for nearly a century. We are continually expanding our collection of bacteria and archaea to ensure that researchers have the clinically and environmentally relevant strains needed to support their incredible research. 

Explore our vast collection of authenticated strains that support microbiome research, quality control testing, infectious disease research, extremophile studies, and more!

Bacteria and Archaea for Research

Orange-yellow, textured spheres of Clostridium difficile bacteria.

Drug-resistant bacteria

Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria are a growing concern around the globe. As more bacteria become resistant to existing antimicrobial treatments, researchers are investigating alternative therapies to stay ahead of these pathogens. To support this endeavor, ATCC provides the authenticated strains needed to make a difference in this critical field of research.

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Purple, fragmented DNA double helix strand on a black background.

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