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Preceptrol Cultures

Small bottles of ATCC Preceptrol Cultures.

Preceptrol cultures offer an economical way for your lab to use well-characterized ATCC strains. In this method, material is freeze-dried in a glass serum vial then sealed with a rubber stopper and metal cap. Because these samples are usually distributed in serum vials capped with butyl rubber stoppers rather than the double-vialed ampoules, they are cheaper to produce and allow ATCC to reduce the usual fees. 

With Preceptrol cultures, you can expect the same level of quality control and authentication that is performed for our traditional cultures.

Incorporate these strains in your research, teaching labs, and quality control testing today!

Several petri dishes containing media of various colors.

Introduction to Microbiology

Are you teaching an introductory lab on microbiology? Get started with our easy-to-follow guide! Your students will learn the basics on aseptic technique, culturing techniques, microscopy, bacterial enumeration, differential tests, and more! Download the guide today for detailed information and step-by-step protocols.

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