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PDA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference 2024

Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC

October 07, 2024 - October 09, 2024

ATCC will be attending the 2024 PDA Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference to showcase our best-in-class solutions for pharmaceutical microbiology. Join us at booth #506 to chat with our experts and to learn about our meticulously characterized and authenticated quality control strains!

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Pharmaceutical testing

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopoeia (EP), and Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) have developed quality standards to support the production of safe pharmaceutical products. Similarly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires routine testing of pharmaceuticals to confirm the safety and efficacy of drugs before they reach the marketplace.

To ensure the accuracy of microbiological quality control tests, it is essential to use authenticated reference materials as controls. That’s why the pharmaceutical industry looks to ATCC to provide the top-quality strains necessary to maintain the highest levels of product integrity and reputation. By using ATCC products, testing labs can rely on quality systems, strain authentication, and meticulous microbial maintenance protocols. This provides highly accurate identification across a wide array of microorganisms and can help avoid the pitfalls of misidentification, painful recalls, and regulatory repercussions.

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Green floating balls of Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria tangled with purple tendrils. Brochure

Certified Reference Materials

Certified Reference Materials offer the highest level of quality assurance, accuracy, and traceability. They give you complete confidence that your results are reliable and reproducible.

Close-up of syringe with needle resting on vial with metal cap. Brochure

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

ATCC provides pharmaceutical testing labs with the top-quality, fully characterized strains needed to maintain the highest levels of product integrity and reputation.

Close-up of pipette of drops of clear red media falling into wells culture plate, ripples on the surface of the media. Brochure

Mycoplasma Quality Control

ATCC has developed titered mycoplasma reference standards for comparing PCR and culture-based detection methods, and quantitative mycoplasma DNA certified reference materials for use as external controls in inclusivity/exclusivity testing and establishing limits of detection.

Several petri dishes containing media of various colors. Brochure

ATCC Minis

ATCC Minis are credible microbial cultures offered in a convenient, single-use, "mini" format that saves you precious time and resources.

Yolk-like spheres of Enterobacter sakazakii bacteria. White paper

Microbiological Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Products

To ensure product safety, pharmaceutical companies must be versed in the important role of microbiological testing in product research and development, process validation, manufacturing, and quality control. Read this white paper to learn how ATCC supports the maintenance of product integrity, reputation, and safety by providing top-quality, fully characterized strains in a ready-to-use, familiar format.

Blue m-hyorhinis mycoplasma cells. White paper

Mycoplasma quality control of cell substrates and biopharmaceuticals

In this article, we will discuss the effects of mycoplasma contamination, how this form of adulteration can affect cell-based drug development, and several quality control techniques and related products that can be used in the detection of mycoplasma contamination.


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