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What We Offer

While focused on supporting and collaborating with the global research and scientific community, ATCC activities range widely, from repository-related operations to providing standard and specialized services, conducting in-house R&D, and intellectual property management.

ATCC serves U.S. and international researchers by characterizing cell lines, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa; developing and evaluating assays and techniques for validating research resources; and preserving and distributing biological materials to global public, private industry, and government research and scientific communities. Our management philosophy emphasizes customer satisfaction, cost-effective operations, and competitive benchmarking for all areas of our enterprise.

Research and Development

ATCC conducts independent research in support of its mission and utilizes the latest technology, such as Droplet Digital™ PCR, CRISPR, and Next Generation Sequencing to authenticate and develop quality products that drive innovation and standards in science.

Its cell biology development efforts focus on delivering more relevant in vitro models and research tools, such as authenticated and characterized primary cells as well as immortalized, stem, and continuous cell lines; disease and cellular pathway-specific cell line panels with genomic metadata; and assay ready genomic DNA.

ATCC’s microbiology development efforts focus on customer convenience, workflow, and molecular tools, including ready-to-plate native and synthetic organisms and quantitative genomic and synthetic DNA and RNA for Quality Control and other applications.

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ATCC biological standards are vital to assuring reliability of research results, reproducibility of experimentation, and consistency in the scientific method. Standards from ATCC also help researchers and scientists in a wide range of industries ensure safety and quality in their products. Our reference materials are cited as standards by such federal agencies as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as organizations such as AOAC International, the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute, the U.S. Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopoeia, Japan Pharmacopoeia, and the World Health Organization. ATCC reference materials are used in a host of applications relevant to the lives of global populations, including developing therapeutic and diagnostic products; testing the quality of food, water, and environmental samples; making accurate medical diagnoses; and obtaining sound forensic information.

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ATCC leverages its resources and expertise to offer standard and customized services to the scientific community. ATCC's 90-plus-year history in preserving biological materials demonstrates its experience to safely store valuable biological materials for others. ATCC offers intellectual property management services and an international patent deposit service

ATCC’s standard services include:

  • Cell line authentication through STR profiling and mycoplasma contamination testing
  • Safe deposit for the storage of microbes to support U.S. and international patents
  • Cell line biobanks
  • Microbiological and chemical proficiency testing programs for pathogens, indicator organisms, spoilage organisms, normal background flora, and other methods for U.S. food, beverage, animal feed, and pharmaceutical quality control markets

Industry and academic institutions can secure custom services from ATCC. The custom services include:

  • Cell and microbial culturing expansion for master cell banks and working cell banks
  • Characterization and quantitation using titering, qPCR, and ddPCR™ technology
  • Development of native and synthetic nucleic acids

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Federal Solutions

ATCC has supported the federal government for over 50 years with biological products and innovative solutions. ATCC’s current federal contracts are focused on employing our expertise in global health / infectious diseases, biodefense, non-communicable diseases, clinical study support, global logistics, and biorepository establishment / maintenance -- all combined with ATCC’s commitment to quality and responsive management. To learn more about how our team can enhance your program, please visit the ATCC Federal Solutions.

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Distribution and Technical Support

ATCC has unparalleled experience in the packing and shipping of biological materials, with a dedicated force of customer service representatives who handle phone and Web contacts and a separate technical support staff handling requests for technical assistance from customers. ATCC makes tens of thousands of shipments per year, distributing materials to U.S. scientists from the Manassas facility and to international researchers through a global network of authorized distributors.

ATCC has a dedicated team of customer service representatives who handle phone and online technical queries from global customers. ATCC delivers tens of thousands of shipments per year, either direct from the Manassas, Virginia facility or through a global network of authorized distributors and partners.

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ATCC is overseen by a Board of Directors composed of 12 members drawn from leaders in the scientific and business communities who advise the CEO and President on organizational business matters. The day-to-day operations of the organization are managed by an executive leadership team and by the ATCC CEO and President to ensure compliance with ethical, regulatory, and quality best practices.

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