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Use natural processes to produce essential biologics

Bioproduction is the production of clinically and commercially important biological products and chemicals from living cells. Small molecules can be synthesized by high-throughput chemical processes or large-volume fermentation with a high rate of consistency and simplified scalability, whereas the bioproduction of large molecules is complicated, time-consuming, and requires multiple highly specialized and tightly controlled steps. By using the natural pathways found in cell lines and microorganisms, or modifying these pathways through genetic engineering, researchers are able to synthesize various target biologics that are essential in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, energy, and agricultural industries. 

With nearly a century of experience in growing and preserving biological materials and an expanding collection of fully authenticated and characterized cells and microorganisms encompassing thousands of species, ATCC is uniquely positioned to support this critical area of research. Explore our resources below to see how we can support your bioproduction research and development projects.


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Genomic DNA Controls for Residual Host DNA Testing

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Biologics Production

The demand for viruses and therapeutic macromolecules produced from mammalian cell culture is increasing along with the number of biopharmaceuticals that are currently in preclinical stage of development. In this regard, ATCC and its partners in the research community are improving our bioproduction cell lines for areas such as vaccine development, antibody production, and protein expression.

Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Gene therapy it is a medical approach used to treat or prevent a genetic disease by adding a new gene or replacing a faulty gene inside the body. To effectively deliver these therapies, engineered viral vectors are often used due to their natural ability to insert genetic material into host cells. Stable cell lines are required for the scalable manufacture of these viral vectors. Explore our resources to see how we can support this growing area of therapeutic development.

Vaccine Development

The continual spread of deadly pathogens coupled with the dwindling supply of antimicrobial treatments necessitates the development of effective prevention methods. However, the development of novel vaccines can be challenged by the incredible variability between microbial strains and the limitations associated with the vaccine manufacturing process. ATCC is addressing these challenges by providing cell lines for enhanced virus production, a large portfolio of pathogenic microbial strains, and a wide selection of purified pneumococcal polysaccharides.

Microbial Bioproduction

Chemical compounds have numerous applications across the food, energy, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries. Because microorganisms are able to naturally synthesize many chemical compounds of interest through secondary metabolic pathways, they have been used throughout various industries for chemical production.

Quality & Safety Testing

Safety and quality are essential for biologics developed for therapeutic use. ATCC supports this need by providing the quality control strains and reference materials needed to evaluate biological products for microbial contaminants; our portfolio includes a variety of mycoplasma testing solutions as well as microorganisms recommended by USP for pharmaceutical testing. We also provide internationally accepted viral reference materials that enable the standardization of gene therapy dose and potency.
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