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Explore our credible resources for industrial bioprocessing and cell-based applications

Use natural processes to produce essential biologics

Bioproduction is the production of clinically and commercially important biological products and chemicals from living cells. Small molecules can be synthesized by high-throughput chemical processes or large-volume fermentation with a high rate of consistency and simplified scalability, whereas the bioproduction of large molecules is complicated, time-consuming, and requires multiple highly specialized and tightly controlled steps. By using the natural pathways found in cell lines and microorganisms, or modifying these pathways through genetic engineering, researchers are able to synthesize various target biologics that are essential in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, energy, and agricultural industries. 

With nearly a century of experience in growing and preserving biological materials and an expanding collection of fully authenticated and characterized cells and microorganisms encompassing thousands of species, ATCC is uniquely positioned to support this critical area of research. Explore our resources below to see how we can support your bioproduction research and development projects.

Explore our resources for bioproduction

Cell Lines for Enhanced Virus Production

Accelerate your vaccine and gene therapeutic development projects with STAT1 and BAX knockout cell lines. These models produce 10- to 30-fold higher virus yields as compared to the parental lines.

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Microbial Bioproduction

Achieve the sustainable production of commercially and clinically relevant chemicals with authenticated microorganisms from ATCC. We offer a broad range of strains with applications in antibiotic, organic acid, and biofuel production.

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Vaccine Development

The development of novel vaccines can be challenged by the incredible variability between microbial strains and the limitations associated with the vaccine manufacturing process. At ATCC, we are committed to providing researchers with the virus-producing cell lines, pathogenic microbial strains, and purified pneumococcal polysaccharides needed to support vaccine research and development.

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cGMP Cell Banking

Let ATCC take the risk out of creating and storing your working and master cell banks. From the initiation of your project to the distribution of your biological materials, ATCC is approved under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to provide the cell banking services you need to support each stage of your project.

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Enhance bioproduction through synthetic biology

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Take bioproduction to the next level

The demand for viruses and therapeutic macromolecules produced from mammalian cell culture is increasing along with the number of biopharmaceuticals that are currently in preclinical stage of development. In this regard, ATCC and its partners in the research community are improving our bioproduction cell lines for areas such as vaccine development, antibody production, and protein expression. Browse some of the recent bioproduction cell lines that have been deposited into our collection such as:

  • Sf9-ET to quickly titrate baculovirus stocks
  • Agarabi CHO for optimizing antibody production performance
  • 293TT for increased papillomavirus virion generation
  • cGMP Vero to ensure proper control of your manufacturing processes
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Keep your cells and microbes happy

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