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Microbial Bioproduction

Discover resources for the sustainable production of commercially and clinically valuable metabolites.

Achieve sustainable production of complex biochemicals with microorganisms

Chemical compounds have numerous applications across the food, energy, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries. Because microorganisms are able to naturally synthesize many chemical compounds of interest through secondary metabolic pathways, they have been used throughout various industries for chemical production. Recent advancements in metabolic engineering combined with a better understanding of synthetic biology have enabled researchers to reprogram microbial species to produce target chemicals from renewable resources on an industrial scale.

DNA helix made of green and yellow puffy balls.

Biological systems design and development

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Explore our microbial products for bioproduction

To support the success of your bioproduction research, ATCC provides a broad range of fully authenticated microorganisms with applications in the production of antibiotics, organic acids, biofuel, and vaccines. With nearly a century of experience in growing and preserving biological materials, you can trust that the cultures you receive are fully authenticated and of the highest quality. Explore our vast collection of fungi, bacteria, protists, and derivatives for bioproduction research below.

Orange balls of Streptococcus bacteria.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Development

Carbohydrates in the form of capsular polysaccharides and lipopolysaccharides constitute a major component of the cellular surface for many bacterial species. In Streptococcus pneumoniae, capsular polysaccharides function as major virulence factors that protect the bacterium from phagocytosis by host immune cells. Because of their importance in pneumococcal pathogenicity, capsular polysaccharides have been components in a number of serotype-specific vaccines. To support vaccine development research, ATCC provides over 28 types of purified pneumococcal polysaccharides, including those represented in current vaccines.

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Learn about the use of microbes in vaccine and therapeutic development

Advancing Research and Development

Explore the use of purified pneumococcal polysaccharides in the development of serotype-specific vaccines and diagnostic tools.

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The Need for Novel Therapeutics

Learn more about the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance and the need for novel antibiotics and therapeutic approaches.

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