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Standards Programs

The program mission is to strengthen the ATCC leadership position as the premier bioresource center by creating and maintaining biological standards that protect public interests and provide quality reference material, education, accreditation and certification services to the industry. 
ATCC Standards Development Organization

ATCC Standards Development Organization

The ATCC® Standards Development Organization (SDO) is a developer and publisher of stakeholder-proposed, industry-relevant, national consensus standards for biomaterials and related processes.
Adenovirus, Dr. G. William Gary, Jr., CDC

Adeno-Associated Virus Reference Materials

We are pleased to announce Adeno-Associated Virus Serotype 2 Reference Standard Material is available from ATCC and Adeno-Associated Serotype 8 Reference Standard Material is coming soon. Both were deposited by the Adeno-associated Virus Reference Standard Working Groups (AAV2RSWG and AAV8RSWG).
AClass Accredited

Reference Material Producer

ATCC Certified Reference Material is reference material which is homogeneous and stable with respect to one or more specified properties and for which traceability and values of uncertainty at a stated level of confidence are established, where applicable.


ATCC® Proficiency Standard® Program

The goal for the ATCC® Proficiency Standard® Program is to positively impact the public health, welfare and safety by providing standardized biological materials in line with a program that addresses the need for security and traceability in the proficiency testing sector.