Moraxella catarrhalis (Frosch and Kolle) Bovre (ATCC® 25240)

Strain Designations: N9 [P. Baumann N-4]  /  Type Strain: no  /  Biosafety Level: 1

Deposited As Branhamella catarrhalis (Frosch and Kolle) Catlin
Strain Designations N9 [P. Baumann N-4]
Quality control strain
Quality control strain for API products
Type Strain no
Biosafety Level 1
Product Format freeze-dried
Storage Conditions Frozen: -80°C or colder
Freeze-Dried: 2°C to 8°C
Live Culture: See Propagation Section
Preceptrol® yes
Type Strain no
Molecular analysis of CopB
Medium ATCC® Medium 44: Brain Heart Infusion Agar/Broth
Growth Conditions
Temperature: 37°C
Atmosphere: Aerobic
Name of Depositor BW Catlin
Chain of Custody
ATCC <-- BW Catlin <-- S Cary <-- Univ. Maryland

Abbreviated Identification of Bacteria and Yeast; Approved Guideline. Wayne, PA. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute; CLSI M35-A2.

Baumann P, et al. Study of the Moraxella group. I. Genus Moraxella and the Neisseria catarrhalis group. J. Bacteriol. 95: 58-73, 1968. PubMed: 4866103

BD Crystal NH QC Set. BD Becton Dickinson.

. . J. Gen. Microbiol. 37: 341-352, 1964.

Cross References

Nucleotide (GenBank) : U83900 Moraxella catarrhalis outer membrane protein B2 (copB) gene, partial cds.