ATCC® Culture Guides

Culturing biological materials can be challenging at times even for the expert culturist. With over 85 years of expertise with cell and microbial cultures, ATCC has acquired and developed a vast body of best practices to aid researchers at all levels of proficiency to maximize the return on their biomaterials investment. The guides below deliver that knowledge and insight to the end user in a portable, easy to follow format.

Download these useful guides and start with fresh authenticated cells and strains from ATCC to achieve the best results.

Animal Cell Culture Guide

Animal Cell

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Bacterial Culture Guide


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hTERT Immortalized Cell Culture Guide

hTERT Immortalized

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Mycology Culture Guide


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Virology Culture Guide


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Primary Cell Culture Guide

Primary Cell

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Stem Cell Culture Guide

Stem Cell

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Introduction to Microbiology Guide


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Protistology Guide


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