HCMI Resources

As part of our pledge to elevate biological models, ATCC is collaborating with the Human Cancer Models Initiative (HCMI) to offer scientists a wide variety of next-generation 2D and 3D patient-derived in vitro models, including primary tissue-derived organoids.

ATCC has assembled a number of resources to help you get started culturing your next-generation cancer models. Explore the educational content below to learn more.

HCMI is an international consortium dedicated to generating novel human tumor-derived culture models with associated genomic and clinical data. The HCMI consortium comprises funding agencies and cancer model development institutions. The consortium's funding agencies include the National Cancer Institute, Cancer Research UK, Hubrecht Organoid Technology, and Wellcome Sanger Institute. The current model development institutions include the Broad Institute and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The consortium provides these models and data as an open source. HCMI's goal is to create up to one thousand advanced cancer models from patient samples.