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We Are For Science

We all have something that drives us. Something that pushes us to achieve our goals. It’s what keeps us up at night and gets us out of bed each morning. It’s what makes us reach for lab coats and plastic goggles, rather than tailored suits and leather briefcases. It’s what draws us to data sets instead of dollar signs. It’s why we stand for science. Evidence-based science.

Through the tireless efforts of scientific trailblazers like you, we now have access to higher-quality therapeutics, reliable diagnostic tests, safer food and water, and creative solutions for environmental issues. At ATCC, we are proud to be a part of this essential research and we will continue to empower the global scientific community with the trustworthy solutions needed to transform innovative ideas into incredible breakthroughs. 

We’re here for you—and, above all, we’re here for science.

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For nearly a century, ATCC has been compelled by our deep-rooted mission to serve humanity and improve global health through advancements in science. We’re here to serve the greater good and to provide the authenticated materials, relevant standards, and extensive digital content you need to confidently progress to the promise of tomorrow. At ATCC, we are not just a collection—we are a catalyst for change.

Blue and purple ecad488 organoid cells.

Advanced cell models

Advanced biological models enable greater specificity and functionality to the researcher’s toolkit. ATCC is committed to bringing cutting-edge models such as organoids, CRISPR-edited cell lines, hTERT-immortalized primary cells, neural progenitor cells, and reporter-labeled cells to researchers at the forefront of extraordinary innovation and scientific progress.

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Cluster of round, green, textured, neutrophil-ingesting  Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Microbial reference materials

ATCC is dedicated to providing microbial reference materials backed by cutting-edge authentication techniques. As the premier source for microbial reference materials for the scientific research community, we place the highest standards on producing quality materials you can depend on for reproducible results.

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We’re a for-science organization—and, a force for science

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