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ATCC and QIAGEN Partnership Provides Use of Authenticated Biological Datasets

Providing reference-quality multi 'omics datasets tied back to authenticated, well-characterized cell lines

Reproducible research starts with credible data

ATCC and QIAGEN have formed a partnership to provide the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries with reference-quality transcriptomes tied back to well-characterized, authenticated human and animal cell lines from ATCC. Through this collaboration, one thousand whole-transcriptome (RNAseq) datasets will be created each year for ATCC gold-standard cell lines and will be provided through ATCC CellLine Land within the QIAGEN OmicSoft Land database suite.

QIAGEN's industry-leading software provides high-quality, expertly curated genomic data and metadata that can be easily navigated, analyzed, and compared at an unprecedented scale. By combining QIAGEN's best-in-class bioinformatics solutions with ATCC's fully authenticated and characterized cell lines, researchers are offered unparalleled access to the accurate datasets and credible materials needed to streamline the discovery of gene signatures, biomarkers, and therapeutic targets.

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Read the press release to learn more about our partnership

Read the press release

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Human cells

ATCC offers the largest collection of cells in the world, with examples of diseased and normal cells from every tissue type found in the human body. Our human cell lines are fully authenticated and characterized, undergoing rigorous quality control during the manufacturing process followed by thorough and validated cell authentication methods to confirm identity. Explore our collection to find the credible cell cultures you need for your essential research.

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Animal cells

Animal cells are an integral part of biomedical research, providing models for developmental biology, intracellular signaling, genetic evolution, and more. Access to authenticated animal cells is of vital importance for ensuring your research is trustworthy and reproducible. At ATCC, we follow the highest manufacturing standards and use the most reliable procedures to verify and authenticate every cell line. You can rely on a vast selection of ATCC animal cell lines from over 150 different species.

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Protect your research

Advancements in science depend on the ability to reproduce published data; it provides the foundation for establishing new areas of research and translating insightful findings into life-saving therapies and effective diagnostic tools. Without the ability to confidently compare and correlate data between different bodies of work, research cannot be expanded upon and scientific progress stalls. This could result in lost publications or wasted time, effort, and money. Your research is important, and there are people throughout the world that depend on the validity of your results. Read the white paper to discover how you can start your research with a strong foundation.

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