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Pipette filling a well-plate with pink media

BioProcess International 2024

Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts

September 23, 2024 - September 26, 2024

BioProcess International showcases next-generation platforms and processes for the development, scale-up, and manufacture of biotherapeutics. ATCC will be showcasing our solutions that support the various phases of bioprocessing at the conference this year. Join us at booth #739 to chat with our experts and to learn about our newest products for quality and safety testing, biologics production, cell and gene therapy development, vaccine development, and more!

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Tangled ball of blue and yellow ebola virus tendrils. Brochure

Cell Lines for Enhanced Virus Production

ATCC used cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology to develop STAT1 knockout or STAT1/BAX double knockout cell lines capable of producing high-titer viral stocks. Discover how these advanced biological models can be used in your vaccine and gene therapeutic development projects.

Close-up of pipette of drops of clear red media falling into wells culture plate, ripples on the surface of the media. Brochure

Mycoplasma Quality Control

ATCC has developed titered mycoplasma reference standards for comparing PCR and culture-based detection methods, and quantitative mycoplasma DNA certified reference materials for use as external controls in inclusivity/exclusivity testing and establishing limits of detection.

Purple and white spheres of adenovirus. Brochure

Viral Reference Materials

When evaluating a novel viral-vector-based gene therapy, accurately determining dose and potency is essential for patient safety. ATCC supports this need by providing internationally accepted viral reference materials that enable the standardization of quantification techniques between organizations.

Close-up of syringe with needle resting on vial with metal cap. Brochure

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

ATCC provides pharmaceutical testing labs with the top-quality, fully characterized strains needed to maintain the highest levels of product integrity and reputation.

Blue m-hyorhinis mycoplasma cells. White paper

Mycoplasma Quality Control of Cell Substrates and Biopharmaceuticals

In this article, we will discuss the effects of mycoplasma contamination, how this form of adulteration can affect cell-based drug development, and several quality control techniques and related products that can be used in the detection of mycoplasma contamination.

CAR-T cells, CAR-Target, CD19, CD20, HER2 Brochure

CAR-T Target Luciferase Reporter Cells

ATCC generated CAR-T Target Luciferase Reporter Cells lines that have high endogenous expression of clinically relevant cell surface tumor antigens, such as CD19, CD20, and HER2. These new immuno-oncology tools are comprised of both solid and liquid tumor cell lines that exhibit sensitive and stable luciferase reporter expression.


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