Calf Bovine Serum (ATCC® 30-2031)

Product Format frozen 100 mL
Storage Conditions Store calf bovine serum at -20°C or colder. Do not store frozen calf bovine serum at temperatures above 20°C for any length of time. Avoid repeated freeze-thaws by dispensing and storing calf bovine serum in aliquots. Calf bovine serum is supplied in PETG plastic bottles.
Iron supplemented and triple filtered through 0.1-um filters. Each lot of calf bovine serum is tested for sterility and for the ability to support the growth of cells using sequential growth curves. Calf bovine serum is manufactured from bovine blood collected in USDA-inspected abattoirs located in the United States. Serum has not come from cattle born, raised, shipped through, or slaughtered in countries where BSE is known to exist.
Biosafety Level N/A
Quality Control Specifications
Sterility tests are performed on each lot of calf bovine serum using current USP and EP methods. Each lot is also checked for its ability to support the growth of cells. Specific testing for contaminants are listed in the Certificate of Analysis.