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Cell Collections, Cell Culture Systems, and Cell Health Detection Kits

ATCC was entrusted with its first cell line in 1962, and, for the next several decades, ATCC has been synonymous to in vitro cell culture. Our diverse and comprehensive resources in cell biology has afforded us the ability to provide complete solutions for your cell culture needs, including cells, media, reagents, and cell health detection kits. To help you get the most from these materials, ATCC has also compiled a variety of cell-specific culture guides, user-friendly how-to instructions, and tips and techniques by tapping into our many years of cell culturing experience, knowledge, and expertise. For your convenience, each of these valuable resources has been made available on the ATCC website


ATCC® Cell Lines: ATCC holds a collection of more than 3,400 human, animal, and plant cell lines.

ATCC® hTERT Immortalized Cell Lines: ATCC hTERT immortalized cell lines possess the in vivo nature of primary cells and the ability to survive continuously in vitro.

ATCC® Primary Cell Solutions: Each lot of human primary cells is frozen at passage 1 through 3 to ensure higher post-thaw viability and optimal plating efficiency. Moreover, each lot is guaranteed to contain >50% viable cells after thawing.

ATCC® Stem Cell Solutions:  ATCC has a variety of stem cell products, including human iPS cells, mouse and human embryonic stem cells, and human adult stem cells such as mesenchymal and cancer stem cells.  

Culture Systems

Classical Media
Animal Sera
Buffers and Stains
Dissociation Reagents
Cryopreservation Media and Tools
Specialty Media

ATCC high-performance media, sera, and reagents are uniquely formulated according to the cell growth conditions recommended by the original cell line depositors and ATCC cell culture specialists. These high-performance products are the same reagents used to culture and distribute ATCC cell lines, virtually guaranteeing a successful cell culture. 

In addition, ATCC offers media, supplements, and substrates that are matched to each ATCC primary cell type to ensure consistent and optimal results.  ATCC stem cell media solutions include culture systems for the growth and expansion of undifferentiated human pluripotent stem cells under a variety of conditions: serum-free and feeder-free, serum-free and feeder-dependent, xeno-free, and serum-containing.

Health Detection Kits

ATCC® XTT and MTT Cell Proliferation Assay Kits: Measure cell proliferation, cytotoxicity, and apoptosis in a fast, simple, high-throughput assay format.  Evaluate a cell population's response to external factors that may result in an increase in cell growth, no effect, or a decrease in growth due to necrosis or apoptosis.

ATCC® Universal Mycoplasma Detection Kit: All components required for the PCR reaction are provided and have been optimized for amplification, increased sensitivity, and high specificity.