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Checkpoint inhibitor therapeutic antibody blocking PD-1 protein on T cell and preventing it to bind to PD-1L on cancer cell

Fight cancer with the power of the immune system


Cancer immunotherapy has emerged as an exciting new approach for cancer treatment, and immuno-oncology is one of the fastest growing fields in oncology. As compared to traditional cancer therapies that act directly on cancerous tumors, immuno-oncology therapy offers a unique approach that uses the body’s immune system to selectively target and eradicate tumor cells. These therapies also provide long-lasting memory to the immune system, enabling it to continue fighting against cancer cells even after remission.

The development of immunomodulatory drugs and biologics dictates a clear need for human cell-based models to evaluate immune activation. To answer this need, ATCC provides a large collection of fully characterized and authenticated cell lines, human primary cells, and advanced cell models.

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