Tulip breaking virus (ATCC® PVAS-732)

Classification: Potyvirus  /  Product Format: frozen

Classification Potyvirus
Agent Tulip breaking virus
Strain TBV Monoclonal Antiserum
Host plant: Tulipa gesnerana c.
Plant research
Biosafety Level 1
Product Format frozen
Test animal: mouse
Test method: ELISA
Immunogen: Tulip breaking virus
Host plant: Tulipa gesnerana c.v. Texas Flame
Name of Depositor ATCC

Vance VB, et al. The complete nucleotide sequence of pepper mottle virus genomic RNA: comparison of the encoded polyprotein with those of other sequenced potyviruses. Virology 191: 19-30, 1992. PubMed: 1413501

Hsu HT, et al. Factors affecting selection of epitope specificity of monoclonal antibodies to tulip breaking potyvirus. Phytopathology 78: 1337-1340, 1988.