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Antibodies and Antisera

Computer rendition of blue, round, virus spheres covered in crown-like protrusions.

Antibodies and antisera support viral research

Viral outbreaks present an ever-growing danger to global health. As scientists work to understand viruses and develop the diagnostic assays, vaccines, and therapies needed to stop these pathogens, their success depends on having the proper tools to begin their research.  

ATCC supports scientists in these efforts with a growing portfolio of high-quality, clinically relevant biological materials, including antibodies and antisera. Included in our collection are a host of antisera and monoclonal antibodies useful for the detection of pathogens such as Dengue virus, influenza A virus, and West Nile virus.

Explore our complete catalog of monoclonal antibodies and antisera below to start your research.

Antibodies and Antisera Resources

Bright blue balls lodge in a red, porous Middle East Respiratory syndrome coronavirus cluster.

Antibodies and antisera for animal viruses

Explore ATCC’s catalog of animal viruses to pair them with the appropriate antibodies and antisera.

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Iridescent influenza virus spheres with protruding spikes

Influenza Research Materials

ATCC provides antisera to Influenza A virus and several monoclonal antibodies to highly pathogenic avian influenza hemagglutinins.

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Antibodies and Antisera

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