Monoclonal Anti-Zika virus envelope protein, clone ZV-16 (Immunoglobin G Mouse)


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Infectious disease research
Vector-borne disease research
Zoonotic disease research
100 μL
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Purified monoclonal antibody in PBS, pH 7.4. The concentration, expressed as mg per mL, is shown on the Certificate of Analysis for each lot.
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-20°C or colder
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Specific applications
Emerging infectious disease research
Vector-borne disease research
Material development
Mouse monoclonal antibody prepared against the envelope (E) glycoprotein of Zika virus (ZIKV) was purified from ascites fluid by protein G affinity chromatography. Ascites formation was induced by injecting approximately 2.5 x 106 cultured hybridoma clone ZV-16 cells into the peritoneal cavities of pristine-primed mice. The B cell hybridoma was generated by the fusion of P3X6 Ag mouse myeloma cells with immunized mouse splenocytes. The ZV-16 antibody specifically recognizes the E glycoprotein, is non-neutralizing, and does not cross-react with Dengue, Japanese encephalitis, or West Nile viruses.


ATCC® VR-1866™ specifically recognizes ZIKV-infected cells in indirect immunofluorescence assays. The clone ZV-16 antibody is also reported to function in ELISA and in western blot assays performed under non-reducing conditions.


MS Diamond, Washington University School of Medicine
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ATVC <-- MS Diamond, Washington University School of Medicine

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Curated Citations

Miner JJ, et al. Zika Virus Infection during Pregnancy in Mice Causes Placental Damage and Fetal Demise. Cell 165(5): 1081-1091, 2016. PubMed: 27180225

Zhao H, et al. Structural Basis of Zika Virus-Specific Antibody Protection. Cell 166(4): 1016-1027, 2016. PubMed: 27475895

MS Diamond, personal communication

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