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Animal Viruses

Bright blue balls lodge in a red, porous Middle East Respiratory syndrome coronavirus cluster.

Why animal virus research remains critical

Viruses are infectious agents composed of a protein capsid surrounding a nucleic acid genome, which enter a cell and reproduce using cellular mechanisms.  Viral infection may result in a variety of pathologies, ranging from asymptomatic infections to mild disease to debilitating and fatal illness. In rare cases, viruses may cause deadly pandemics that claim hundreds of thousands of lives in a brief period.

While numerous scientific breakthroughs have been made on a number of viral species critical to human and animal health, more research is needed to fully understand the transmission dynamics, pathogenicity, and evolution of these microorganisms so that effective antivirals, vaccines, and diagnostic tests can be developed.

To support research on these pathogens, ATCC provides a growing portfolio of clinically relevant viral strains, genomic and synthetic nucleic acids, antibodies, and antisera. These authenticated and fully characterized materials include those relevant to major public health emergencies such as Zika virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus (MERS-CoV), the Influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 virus, and the Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the causative agent of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

ATCC’s collection of animal viruses and related reference materials are available to the global scientific community to support basic research and diagnostic development. Explore our collection today.

Coronavirus cells.

Coronavirus Resources

We offer biological materials and resources to scientists who are developing novel diagnostics and therapeutics to help detect, study, and treat severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). This most recent coronavirus sparked the deadly COVID-19 pandemic in December 2019.

Visit our coronavirus page to find the resources to support your SARS-CoV-2 research.

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Animal Virus Reference Material

Blue, purple, and white parts of DNA strand.

Viral Nucleic Acids

The extraction, preparation, and verification of nucleic acids can often require extensive amounts of time, labor, and expense. This can be further complicated if the virus is difficult to grow or requires high-containment facilities. Let ATCC do the work for you! ATCC offers a growing collection of ready-to-use genomic and synthetic nucleic acids from a number of clinically relevant viral species. 

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Iridescent purple sphere of the influenza virus with protruding knobby spikes

Purified Viruses

Obtaining a high-titer virus preparation can be time consuming and costly, requiring technical expertise, specialized equipment, and a broad range of supporting biomaterials and reagents. ATCC helps researchers with this challenge by providing high-titer, purified preparations of clinically relevant viruses.

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Animal Viruses

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