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Purified Viruses

Closeup of a purple virus sphere made up of long, iridescent spikes.

Simplify research with high-titer, purified viruses

Having access to high-titer, purified viruses is important for vaccine development and gene therapy research. However, obtaining these essential materials can be challenging as the process for culturing, purifying, and titering a viral preparation can be time consuming and costly, requiring technical expertise, specialized equipment, and a broad range of supporting biomaterials and reagents. 

To help researchers overcome this critical bottleneck, ATCC offers high-titer, purified preparations of clinically relevant viruses. With each of these ready-to-use preparations, you can expect:

  • High titer – Infectious titer of >107 TCID50/mL, CEID50/mL, or PFU/mL
  • Quantified genome copy number – Evaluated by Droplet Digital™ PCR
  • Purity – Tangential flow filtration or gradient ultracentrifugation
  • Authenticity – Verified identity and viability

Explore our collection today to discover how you can incorporate high-titer, purified viruses in your research and development applications. 

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Purified Viruses

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