Enterovirus type 69 (ATCC® VR-1077AS/RB)

Classification: Picornavirus, Human Enterovirus  /  Product Format: freeze-dried

Classification Picornavirus, Human Enterovirus
Agent Enterovirus type 69
Strain Enterovirus type 69 antiserum [V-068-501-565]
Biosafety Level 1

Biosafety classification is based on U.S. Public Health Service Guidelines, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their facilities comply with biosafety regulations for their own country.

Source of antibody: rabbit
Product Format freeze-dried
Storage Conditions 4C
Immunogen: Picornavirus Strain Toluca-1
Source of antibody: rabbit
Propagated in: rhesus monkey kidney cells in tissue culture
Treatment: Four injections were given: Crude cell culture product was clarified and concentrated with carbowax. The concentrated antigen was diluted in Eagle's MEM; One booster injection was given: Untreated crude cell cultures product
Storage temperature: 4C
Name of Depositor NIH/NIAID