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alcian blue stain airway histology primary bronchial cells

Evaluating the Differentiation Potential of Primary Airway Cells in 3-D Models Webinar

October 06, 2022, at 12:00 PM ET


Advanced in vitro airway models promise to provide relevant applications for use in human respiratory research; however, the numerous variables associated in generating these advanced models can cause incomplete or inconsistent differentiation. To reduce these variables, ATCC scientists set out to identify optimal methods for constructing airway models consisting of fully differentiated human bronchial tracheal epithelial cells (HBECs) cultured under air-liquid interface (ALI) conditions. Within this ALI model, we evaluated different production lots of primary HBECs from ATCC and other commercial vendors, hTERT immortalized HBECs, and various commercial medias. In this webinar, we will elucidate techniques and procedures that can help you reliably generate 3-D airway models with consistent full epithelial differentiation for your drug development studies, toxicological testing, and basic research. After the presentation, join us for a lively discussion as our R&D scientists answer your questions.

Key Points

  • Adoption of 3-D models for toxicological studies, drug discovery, and basic research is growing.
  • Numerous variables can confound experimental results and thereby slow the pace of your research.
  • This study demonstrates optimized methods to generate airway models with appropriate model morphology and epithelial differentiation and help to reduce inter-experimental variability.

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Kevin Tyo, headshot.

Kevin Tyo, PhD

Scientist, ATCC

Dr. Kevin Tyo is a Scientist in Research and Development at ATCC with over 10 years of experience in biological research. In his current role, Dr. Tyo develops and evaluates advanced in vitro co-culture models, as well as conducts toxicological testing. Dr. Tyo received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Louisville in 2019, where he designed and tested topical drug delivery platforms that provided sustained release of antiviral therapeutics.

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