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Enteric Diseases

Bowling pin-shaped blue clostridium bacteria.

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Enteric diseases are a major global health threat that affect millions every year, resulting in numerous deaths, particularly among young children. These diseases are frequently acquired through the consumption of contaminated food and water or contact with infected animals or fecal matter. While there have been considerable efforts to prevent the spread of infection through improved food safety, sanitation, and hygiene practices, the resources needed for these interventions are not accessible worldwide. Therefore, the availability of effective vaccines and rapid detection methods are essential for preventing and controlling the spread of disease.

To support this critical area of research, ATCC provides a wide array of fully authenticated and characterized bacteria, viruses, and protozoa known to cause enteric disease in humans. These strains provide essential tools for vaccine research and the development of novel rapid detection methods.

Norovirus, Gastroenteritis, Magnification, Virus

Synthetic molecular standards for norovirus

Noroviruses are a common cause of gastroenteritis, accounting for 95% of outbreaks worldwide. However, due to their genetic heterogeneity and their unculturable nature, detecting these viruses can be quite difficult. To circumvent these issues, ATCC has developed quantitative synthetic molecular standards for norovirus genogroups I and II that enable the detection and quantification of norovirus from clinical, food, and environmental samples. Read our application note to explore the development and use of these standards.

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Food and water safety

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Food testing resources

Through the development of high-quality reference materials, ATCC is making it easier for food manufacturers, processors, and contract testing laboratories to ensure the safety of consumable goods. Explore our collection of resources to discover how you can maintain the outstanding quality of your food testing programs.

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Person in personal protective equipment squatting and reaching to collect a water sample from a stream.

Water testing resources

Testing consumable water samples for objectionable microbial pathogens is a matter of public health and safety. That’s why ATCC offers a wide range of products to support both culture- and molecular-based detection of microorganisms in various water sources. Explore our growing collection of resources.


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