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Microbiome Research

Purple spheres of Enterococcus faecalis bacteria.

Raising the standards for microbiome research

Optimize your research with the right controls

The complexities involved in 16S rRNA community profiling and shotgun metagenomics methods pose significant challenges for microbiome research. Significant biases can be introduced at each stage of the microbiome workflow, affecting data interpretation and reproducibility.

ATCC Microbiome Standards provide a solution to this problem. From sample collection to data analysis, microbiome standards enable you to optimize your diverse research applications with confidence and improve the consistency and reproducibility of your data, run after run.

The robust applicability of these controls, combined with the ATCC commitment to authentication and characterization, make ATCC Microbiome Standards ideal tools for standardizing data from a wide range of sources and generating consensus among microbiome applications and analyses.

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Microbiome research solutions

Strands of blue and white-beaded DNA double helixes floating in the air upright, with a woman in a lab coat touching a strand and light illuminating it.

Data analysis tool

Bring your microbiome research to the next level by combining the power of physical laboratory standards with state-of-the-art bioinformatics.

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Microbes and bacteria in bright colors combined to form the shape of a human head. Illustration.

Application data

Check out our application data to see how the experts are using standards to improve reproducibility in microbiome research.

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Blue DNA helix near floating translucent blue rods.

Improve assay consistency

ATCC Microbiome Standards support a broad array of applications ranging from method optimization to data interpretation, and they serve as superior controls for microbial community testing and assay development on any platform. By using ATCC Microbiome Standards in your research, you can compare the performance and overall accuracy of your methods and ensure the validity of your results. Read our application note to discover how to incorporate these standards into your next project.

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