Deposit Services


BioEscrow® Deposit

A deposit service that provides neutral, third-party assistance to academic research institutions and private sector companies that are exchanging proprietary biological materials, information or technology.
Certificate of Analysis

Ensure Compliance with EPA Standards

The Biopesticide Registration Program (BRP) was created by ATCC to provide prospective biopesticide registrants with a streamlined service that ensures compliance with EPA guidelines 885.1100 and 885.1200.


cGMP Safe Deposit Service

The cGMP safe deposit services offer secure, confidential storage of valuable materials.

Test tube rack

Make a Deposit

ATCC welcomes the contribution of research materials to our international resource for scientists.
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Contribute to the iPS Cell Repository

In keeping with its mission to provide access to biomaterials vital for scientific research, ATCC encourages researchers to contribute medically relevant iPS cell lines that they have developed into the ATCC iPS Cell Repository.
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Patent Deposit Service

ATCC has been providing dependable storage of materials for patent purposes since 1949, long before depositing was a formal requirement of any patent office. Our patent depository currently includes more than 20,000 strains of biological materials.
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Standard Safe Deposit Service

Our standard safe deposit is consistent with ATCC's practices for handling and storage of materials entrusted to ATCC since its founding in 1925.