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Type Strain Deposit

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Validate your new type strain discovery

Let us confirm and share it with the world

Type Strain Deposit Request

Type Strain Deposit benefits life science community

Researchers who believe they discovered a new type strain, a genetic variant or subtype of a microorganism, are required to deposit the proposed type strain in two recognized culture collections in two different countries. This is a mandate established by the International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM), published by the Society for General Microbiology (SGM), and the International Committee on Systematics of Prokaryotes (ICSP).

As a recognized culture collection in the United States and a member of the World Federation for Culture Collections, ATCC accepts proposed type strains through its Type Strain Deposit service. Once a type strain is accepted, we conduct viability and identity testing and then, if applicable, provide depositors with a Certificate of Deposit required for publication.

The discovery of a new type strain has tremendous value to life science research now and into the future. A type strain may be provided to requestors from a stock initially propagated by the depositor or from the ATCC manufactured and authenticated inventory. Full inclusion as an ATCC General Collection strain will be dependent upon factors such as the need by the scientific community. 

To learn more about the requirements for publication, visit IJSEM Information for Authors.