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General Collection Deposit

Large room full of liquid nitrogen cryopreservation tanks at biorepository.

Deposit your biomaterials with ATCC

Share your biomaterials with scientists worldwide

General Collection Deposit Request

ATCC General Collection Deposit provides vital cultures for future research

Life scientists can preserve their cell lines and microbial strains and also make them available to other researchers throughout the world by depositing them into the ATCC General Collection, the oldest culture collection in the United States. With nearly a century of biomaterial management experience, ATCC is poised to offer unmatched skill and resources in the authentication, storage, maintenance, development, and distribution of these precious cultures. 

Making an ATCC General Collection Deposit means you are contributing to one of the largest collections of biomaterials in the world. The extensive range of biomaterial, which is critical for life science research, includes cell lines, molecular genomic tools, microorganisms, and bioproducts.

Benefits of making an ATCC General Collection Deposit

  • The identify of your material will be authenticated and preserved by ATCC.
  • Our top-tier laboratory and storage facilities are equipped to handle storage of a variety of cell lines, microorganisms, and other biological materials.
  • You are expanding ATCC's vast biomaterials collection to benefit scientists around the world.