ATCC® Genuine Nucleics

DNA sequencing

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Your time and money are valuable. That’s why ATCC has made it a priority to provide ready-to-use nucleic acids from clinically relevant microorganisms and cell lines, allowing you to get your research and assay development started faster. Choose from:

  • Whole genome preparations
  • Synthetically derived DNA and RNA
  • Certified reference materials

With ATCC® Genuine Nucleics, you can trust that each preparation is fully authenticated and evaluated for integrity, purity, and quality using established techniques. So, let ATCC do the work for you! Browse our nucleic acid resources by clicking on the links provided below, or:

View our on-demand webinar to learn more about ATCC’s growing portfolio of quantitative nucleic acids that support infectious disease research, quality control testing, and the development of oncology molecular diagnostic tools.

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Genomic Nucleic Acids

Genomic nucleic acids are aseptically prepared from minimally passaged ATCC microorganisms and cell lines that have been phenotypically and genotypically authenticated to confirm species identity and functional activity. These whole genome preparations save you the time and cost associated with culturing and extracting nucleic acids yourself.

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Quantitative nucleic acids

Synthetic Nucleic Acids

Synthetic nucleic acids are designed and developed by the experts in microbial genomics to include key target regions from difficult-to-culture, unculturable, or high-containment microorganisms. Each quantitative preparation is supported by stringent quality control analyses to ensure product identity, stability, and functionality with molecular applications.

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Certified Reference Material (CRM)

Genuine Nucleic CRMs are quantified biological reference materials produced under an ISO Guide 34:2009 accredited process to confirm identity, well-defined characteristics, and an established chain of custody. These tools are ideal for use in inclusivity/exclusivity testing, establishing limits of detection, and validating or comparing test methods.

Human KRAS Mutation DNA CRM

Quantitative Mycoplasma DNA CRM