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Specialty Cell Culture Media

  • hTERT Immortalized RPTEC Growth Kit (ATCC® ACS-4007)

    ATCC® Number: ACS-4007

    Storage: -20°C
    Applications: Add to DMEM:F12 (ATCC® 30-2006™) to produce complete medium for hTERT Immortalized RPTEC cells (ATCC® CRL-4031™)

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    Product Format: frozen
    Comments: Each growth kit contains:
    PCS-999-058 5 ml RPTEC Supplement A
    PCS-999-059 10 ml RPTEC Supplement B

    Required but not supplied: G418 solution MUST be added to the above medium to a final concentration of 0.1 mg/mL G418 to maintain the selective pressure for immortalization 

    The hTERT immortalized RPTEC Growth Kit contains components that when added to DMEM:F12 (ATCC® 30-2006™) create a complete cell culture environment for hTERT immortalized RPTEC cells (ATCC® CRL-4031™). The final concentration for each growth kit component in the complete hTERT immortalized RPTEC growth medium is as follows:
    25 ng/mL Hydrocortisone
    3.5 µg/mL Ascorbic Acid
    8.65 ng/mL Sodium selenite
    5.0 µg/mL Transferrin
    5.0 µg/mL insulin
    5 pM Triiodo-L-thyronine
    25 ng/mL Prostaglandin E1
    10 ng/mL rhEGF
    1.2 mg/mL Sodium Bicarbonate 

    Note: Fetal Bovine Serum is not required for proliferation but may be added if it is desired to transfect the cells (final FBS concentration in complete medium is 0.2%).

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