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Dissociation Reagents

Flasks, bottles, and petri dishes, containing various amounts of red media and reagents, on metal shelf in cabinet.

ATCC offers enzymatic and gentle non-enzymatic dissociation reagents

Healthy cell growth and passaging requires the right high-performance reagents for successful culture. ATCC offers a variety of dissociation reagents for the subculture of continuous and primary adherent cells. When your culture demands non-protein digesting enzymes, choose ATCC’s Non-Enzymatic Cell Dissociation Solution—a proprietary sterile mixture of chelators that offers an optimized alternative to protein-digesting enzymes.

For your stem cells, order our Stem Cell Dissociation Reagent, which is a neutral protease and promotes safe and efficient detachment of iPSCs. The gentle proteolytic action of the reagent does not damage cell membranes and supports cell growth.

Cell culture information

Purple and green induced pluripotent stem cells.

Stem Cell Culture Guide

This guide is packed with in-depth tips and techniques on the culture of iPSCs, stem cells, and includes a section on cancer stem cell culture.

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Bright, fluorescent clusters of lime green, red, and blue cells.

Cell Culture Fundamentals

In this webinar, we provide best practices for cell culture, including media and reagents, tips and techniques for initiation, expansion, authentication, and cryopreservation.

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Dissociation Reagents

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