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Neural progenitor cell derived neurosphere

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ATCC is committed to providing scientists with the credible, cutting-edge models they need to make breakthroughs in diagnostics development, drug discovery, toxicology profiling, analytical testing, and more. Explore our coming soon products by application for a preview of what our team is developing.

Oncology  Cell biology  Virology  Molecular diagnostics


Oncology Products

Product Description Availability 
Assay-ready THP-1 (ATCC TIB-202-AR) Coming soon!
Assay-ready THP-1 NF-kB-Luc2 (ATCC TIB-202-NFkB-LUC2-AR)  Coming soon! 
Checkpoint (PD-L1, SIRPA) Myeloid reporter- NFkB-Luc2 Summer 2024
Checkpoint (LILRB1, PD-L-1, B7-1) Myeloid reporter-NFkB-Luc2 Summer 2024


HCMI unmanufactured models

ATCC has next-generation cancer models from HCMI that have not yet been selected for expansion; these include organoids, neurospheres, and 2-D cell models. You can give insight into which models you think should be expanded and offered for purchase.

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Cell Biology Products

Human Brown and White Pre-adipocytes

  • Derived from a single donor
  • Cells express the growth characteristics of a continuous cell but maintain primary cell functionality 
  • Can be differentiated into adipocytes
Product Description Availability 
hTERT-immortalized Brown Preadipocytes (ATCC CRL-4062 Available now 
hTERT-immortalized White Preadipocytes (ATCC CRL-4063 Available now 


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Virology Products

Product Description Availability 
Lentivirus vector reference material Summer 2024 


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Molecular Diagnostics Products

Molecular Standards

Check out the ready-to-use, fully authenticated standards we will be adding to our portfolio.

  • Genomic nucleic acids comprise whole-genome preparations isolated from minimally passaged ATCC cultures
  • Synthetic nucleic acids include key target regions from select species
Product Description Availability 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni strain CIP 702 (ATCC 33560DQ) Available now
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Human adenovirus 8 strain Trim (ATCC VR-1932DQ Available now 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Neisseria gonorrhoeae strain F-18 (ATCC 49226DQ) Available now 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Trichomonas vaginalis strain CDC 085 (ATCC 50143DQ)
Available now 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Yersinia enterocolitica subsp. enterocolitica strain Billups-1803-68 (ATCC 23715DQ Available now  
Quantitative Genomic RNA from Human Influenza A virus (H3N2) strain A/Hong Kong/8/1968 (ATCC VR-1679DQ)   Summer 2024  
Quantitative Synthetic RNA for Influenza A virus (H1N1) (ATCC VR-3386SD) Summer 2024   
Quantitative Synthetic RNA for Influenza A virus (H1N1)pdm2009 (ATCC VR-3388SD)
Summer 2024  
Quantitative Synthetic RNA for Influenza A virus (H3N2) (ATCC VR-3387SD) Summer 2024  
Quantitative Synthetic RNA for Influenza B virus (ATCC VR-3385SD) Summer 2024  
Quantitative Synthetic RNA for Influenza B virus (ATCC VR-3384SD)
Summer 2024  
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Corynebacterium dipththeriae strain 5159 (ATCC 13812DQ) Summer 2024 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Lactobacillus acidophilus strain SCAV (ATCC 4356DQ)   Available now
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Legionella longbeachae strain Long Beach 4 (ATCC 33462DQ) Summer 2024 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica strain CDC K-1891 (ATCC 13076DQ
Available now 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Shigella flexneri strain CDC 3591-52 (ATCC 12022DQ) Available now 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Shigella sonnei strain NCDC 1120-66 (ATCC 25931DQ) Summer 2024 
Quantitative Genomic DNA from Vibrio vulnificus strain 324 (ATCC 27562DQ) Summer 2024 

Microbial panels

We are developing microbial panels comprising quantitative genomic molecular standards. The panels will be offered at bulk discount pricing, allowing you to take advantage of cost savings as compared to individual items.

Product Description Availability 
Enteric exclusivity panel  Summer 2024  
Enteric pathogen panel Summer 2024  
Sexually transmitted infection (STI) exclusivity panel
Summer 2024  
Sexually transmitted infection (STI) pathogen panel Summer 2024  


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