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Media and Reagents

Pipette dropping clear media into cells well plate; 24 well plate in background.

Quality media and reagents ensure successful cell culture

Cell culture reagents are critical to the success of physiologically relevant cell models for biomedical research and bioproduction. Essential culture reagents such as media, sera, and supplements support cell survival, proliferation, and biological function. Additionally, the quality of these reagents directly affects experimental results and the production of biologics.

To address the cell biologist’s need for consistent and reproducible results, ATCC provides media, sera, and other reagents that are uniquely formulated according to ATCC cell culture specialists. In fact, these high-performance products are the same reagents used to culture ATCC cell lines, virtually guaranteeing your successful cell culture.

ATCC provides:

  • Antibiotics
  • Buffers and stains
  • Cryopreservation reagents
  • Dissociation reagents
  • Feeder layer cells
  • Media
  • Sera
  • Substrates
  • Supplements
  • Transfection reagents

Media and reagents for culture performance

Purple and green Caco-2 cell junctions.

Cell Culture Guides

With nearly 100 years of expertise with cell cultures, ATCC has acquired and developed a vast body of best practices to maximize the return on your biomaterials investment.

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Close-up of pipette of drops of clear red media falling into wells culture plate, ripples on the surface of the media.

Media for Cell Growth

ATCC media are uniquely formulated and may differ slightly from other commercially available equivalents. Using ATCC media is the best way to guarantee robust cell growth.

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Media and Reagents

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