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ATCC and One Codex Partnership

Combining the power of physical laboratory standards with the leading bioinformatics platform for microbial genomics and metagenomics

Data analysis solutions for microbial genomics

ATCC and One Codex have formed a strategic partnership to deliver best-in-class bioinformatics solutions for microbial genomics and microbiome analyses.

By combining the power of ATCC’s authenticated microbial strains and standardized genome sequencing and assembly pipeline with One Codex’s state-of-the-art platform for microbial genomics, researchers are offered unparalleled access to microbial next-generation sequencing data with complete data provenance and traceability.

Our partnership has led to the launch of two key initiatives: The ATCC Genome Portal and ATCC NGS Standards.

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Learn about the initiatives implemented through this partnership

Clear blue DNA helix strand.

ATCC Genome Portal

Through our partnership with One Codex, we successfully launched the ATCC Genome Portal in the fall of 2019. This rapidly growing ISO 9001–compliant database boasts thousands of high-quality reference genomes and associated metadata that are derived from authenticated microbial strains in the ATCC collection. Through this cloud-based platform powered by One Codex, researchers can easily access and download meticulously curated whole-genome sequences from their browser or a secure API.

Learn more about the ATCC Genome Portal
DNA rods with bacteria.

NGS Standards

To bring microbiome research to the next level, ATCC and One Codex partnered to provide an end-to-end solution for optimizing metagenomics workflows from sample collection to data analysis. With ATCC's NGS Standards paired with One Codex's bioinformatics platform, researchers are able to challenge their standardization process and perform comprehensive analyses that provide automated quality scores assessing true positives, false positives, and relative abundance.

Learn more about our NGS Standards